Perforated Metal Anti Skid Plate

Overview for Perforated Metal Anti-Skid Plate

Qinghe Anti-Skid Plate which is also named as skid plate mesh, walkway planking, or safety grating, it is perforated metal flooring product designed with anti-slip properties for added safety in stair, planking or platform applications. The most popular request hole shape are crocodilian mouth hole and fish eye hole, this design could create a skid resistance surface in industrial environments, or use it to take advantage of its aesthetic features in an architectural design.

The anti-skid board are widely used in industrial plant, production and transportation facilities, which have a wide range of uses for the passage of public places, workshops, the venue. Slippery road surface with the skid sheets to reduce the inconvenience to protect the personal safety, in order to facilitate construction. In special circumstances, the anti-skid plate plays an effective role in the protection.

Material for Anti-Skid Plate

– Carbon Steel
– Galvanized Steel
– Stainless Steel
– Aluminum Grade 5052, Grade 5005

Features for Anti-Skid Plate

– Anti-skidding
– Aging Resistance
– Corrosion-resistance
– Cut Resistance
– Light-weight
– High Strength / Durable
– Beautiful Appearance
– Long Service Life
– Easily Install
– Prevent water and other liquids from pooling
– Easily Clean

Application for Anti-Skid Plate

– Disabled Access Ramps
– Pedestrian Walkways
– Bridges
– Landing Areas
– Working / Equipment Platforms
– Secure Channel
– Stairway Piers & pontoons
– Interior Decoration

Perforated Metal Anti Skid Plate Images

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