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++ Mini-hole Perforated Metal ++

The mini-hole perforated metal manufacture used advanced chemical milling method, and CAD is employ in the manufacture process.

Mini-hole Perforated Metal Mini-hole Perforated Metal Mini-hole Perforated Metal
Mini-hole Perforated Metal Mini-hole Perforated Metal Mini-hole Perforated Metal

Material: Stainless Steel Sheet, Plain Steel Sheet/Band, Aluminum sheet/Band, Brass Sheet

Sheet/Band Thickness: 0.05mm-2.00mm
Road Hole: min. hole diameter 0.15mm
Slot hole: min. hole width 0.15mm
Max. Dimension: 600mm x 750mm
Tolerance: 0.01mm

Features of the mini-hole perforated metal:
No burr, no heave. Both the two sides are smooth.
No pressure in the manufacture process, the product is invariant, and flat.
Short production lead time, no need for die design and manufacture.
CAD is employed in the manufacture process, precise dimension
High percentage of open area, min. staggered center is 0.1mm.
Long-lived product.

Used as precise mesh filter, sheet filter, cartridge filter in petroleum and chemistry industry, food service industry and pharmacy;
As metal nozzle plate, cover board, lead frame, metal substrate electronics industry;
As planar attachments, spring attachments in precise in photics and machinery;
As friction disk and concave convex attachment;

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